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Following maintenance activities are offered:

  • Adaptation to technology changes – modifying the system according to changes in the software environment, e.g. implementation of new versions of the operational system or the database management system;
  • Software enhancement – implementation of specific customer requirements;
  • Bug fixing – diagnosing, fixing bugs and solving problems;
  • Prevention action – increasing software stability, maintainability or reliability to prevent predictable future problems.

All maintenance requests are reported in a Problem Report Form and tracked in a maintenance register.

Example of a Problem Report Form:

  Issue-Nr. (ER) IN2010.10.1  
  Aceepted by (ER) Ivan Ivanov  
  phone number office + 359 52 644 888  
  Client New Bank  
  Reported by Mladen Ivanov  
  E-Mail Mladen.ivanov@test.com  
  Phone number ….  
  Used OS MS Windows XP  
  Used database Oracle UTF-8  
  Issue-message for Revision  
  Cooperation partner Lisa Pjanic  
  Modul Portfolio analysis  
  Priority (1/2/3) 2  
  RFW User admin  
  Wanted Release to apply the correction Risk Engine 2014.3.1  
  Location of the Database-Dump ....  
  Internal client Nr. 120014  
  Issue-Short description Annuity loan calculation  
  More detailed description of the problem. Annuity loan should have all payments equal For position 5550000005172737 application calculated different payments