Visualization of Financial Data

To visualize financial data generated from an existing Core Banking System, one needs the following components: Application Server, Web Server, Core Banking System, Database (for Core Banking System), Database (for generated OLAP Cubes), Configutaion file (for OLAP SQL Statements), different Dashboard clients. The Client application solutions can be made in different ways:

  • JavaScript WEB Client – JavaScript based GUI developed with DHTMLX library, deployed on a WEB Server and accessed via a browser. In addition, a 3D interactive graphic can be added. Both tools are of low cost or cost-free:
  • Excel Document Client – Excel Document including Pivot Tables which is designed to work as a client of the Web Server and which runs according to the same protocol as the JavaScript WEB Client.
  • QlikView Client – it is also possible to provide a client using the visualization features and WEB Service scripts of the QlikView tool in a non-server mode.

For more information see Visualization of Financial Data.