Artificial Intelligence (AI) approaches and techniques are widely used in financial and insurance industries. They enable the creation of innovative and efficient solutions that, in most cases, require a vast amount of computational operations. Different AI branches exist, each applicable to specific types of problems. Most often, AI is used for machine learning, logical inference, heuristic problems, as well as other techniques that mainly simulate some capabilities of biological organisms. Eurorisk Systems Ltd. is highly experienced in developing and supporting AI-based systems and modules, primarily in areas such as financial simulations, statistical methods for data mining and analysis, predictions based on historical data, determination and analysis of credit rating and scoring, factors modelling and dependencies analysis, identification of similar historical behaviours within multi-dimensional data, automated regulation checks, etc. These solutions are developed from scratch by our company, without using or being dependent on any type of third-party software. Some of the most important modules are displayed below, illustrating their relations to each other.

Artificial Intelligence Applications