Risk Framework Interfaces and Connectors

Interfaces and connectors establish the interconnection between RFW and the following connection features:

  • Import and export from and to MS Excel files - enabling the generation of Excel reports by entering data into prepared Excel sheets.
  • Export to text and CSV files - connection to other systems, such as data provider or data consumer.
  • Import and export from and to XML streams - standard connector; this can be used to exchange related data between different data base installations, i.e. to send a full set of example sessions to a RFW customer. A XBRL-COREP reporting, that is in accordance with Basel III requirements, is realised by this connector.
  • Direct SQL access to external databases - data from different external database system installations can be accessed; for example, the database of RFW is Oracle and its external database is MS SQL Server.
  • Full or incremental import of session data via the standard importer - the standard way to import sessions into the RFW database. The import is based on template sessions, i.e. only the differences within the templates are being reported.
  • Result tables for standard and OLAP reporter - specific database tables with a relation or an OLAP structure are written for reporting, while calculation or simulation run of the RFW modules.