Risk Engine Future Developments and Extensions

The future developments and extensions include:

  • Integration of additional modules, e.g.:
    • Stressed VaR and incremental risk charge;
    • Liquidity ratios (LCR, NSFR);
    • CreditMetrics model based on spread curves or indices;
    • Hedge accounting and balance accounting according to IFRS 9 (IAS 39, 32).
  • Extensions of existing modules:
    • Implementation of further standard compliance check procedures in the investment area - according to the investment laws of various countries - and usage of compliance check modules;
    • Extension of the compliance check to cover alerts in real time modus;
    • Interconnection between Risk Engine and Risk Framework;
    • Extensions that cover multi-entity features.
  • Development of new applications in various industries, other than Finance, such as Energy, Transportation, Construction, Real Estate, Commerce, etc.