Risk Framework Features

RFW exposes a set of advanced features:

  • It is a very flexible, rule-based software system, written in Clips with:
    • Over 120 model scripts that control the GUI, the database structure and the business logic;
    • Automatic creation and maintenance of database tables;
    • Existing sessions are mapped to model changes in a flexible manner.
  • Support of large sets of databases, e.g. Oracle, MS SQL, DB2, Teradata, My SQL etc.
  • Runs as Windows application or internet server application;
    Can be accessed via WEB browsers, including tablets and smart phones.
  • Flexible configuration: licensing of modules and defining settings for the work environment context, as well as nomenclatures, such as currencies, cities, countries, etc.
  • Multi-user mode, including user rights over objects, through roles.
  • Multi-entity mode, based on protected hierarchical bank entities or business centers.
  • Local configuration and setting of work environments in each entity.
  • Support of historical data sessions, administration time stamps and 4-eye confirmation.
  • Batch mode and management of calculation sequences, including timer control.
  • Flexible multi-window and multi-language GUI, including a multi-language translation tool for models and GUI; encryption / decryption of model scripts and configuration files; visual model editor defining the GUI (e.g. fields, grids, trees, graphics, images, windows, etc.).
  • Easy and quick access to internal data and navigation using memory buffers and stored paths.
  • Direct access to different external databases or internet servers.
  • Importing of external data via the importer module, including incremental import.
  • Building flexible reports using a reporting tool (Crystal Reporter), OLAP reporting and QlikView.
  • Generating XML/XBRL COREP reports: export / import of sessions in .xml and Excel formats.
  • Notification tools, sending SMS messages, e-mails and automatic text invoice messages.
  • Structured Monte Carlo simulation for internal models for market, credit and operational risk.
  • Online help and tooltip system.
  • Neural network for clustering and prediction of time series.
  • Parallel version, using available processor cores for simulation and group calculation.
  • 32-bit and 64-bit versions available.
  • WEB Services accessing RFW from user-specific applications via SOAP/WSDL.