Product History

  • Foundation of Eurorisk Systems Ltd

    At first, our focus was on the development of systems and software for parallel computing based on transputers. Then, extension of the business area to computer systems and software products for bank and financial

  • First financial library in C++

    The basis for the development of the PMS system (Portfolio & Risk Management System)

  • Risk Explorer development

    Financial Risk Analysis System in C++ for Windows; no longer supported

  • Java Applets development

    Development of Molatility engine, Market and Credit Risk, Bond Calculator, FRA calculation and hedging as demos on the internet

  • Risk Evaluator development

    Market and Credit Risk Evaluation System, incl. Monte Carlo simulation, in C++ for Windows acc. to RiskMetrics; its functionality is now integrated into RFW, RE and PMS modules

  • Liability Management Tool (LMT) development

    Was based on Excel, Visual Basic and Add-In in C++; no longer supported

  • Market Risk, Monte Carlo simulation and Credit Risk engines development

    As COM Automation server (OLB modules) in C++ for WinNT; Standalone or integrated modules in PMS

  • Enhancement of the PMS system

    Integration of the Monte Carlo simulation for Market risk acc. to RiskMetrics

  • New modules into the PMS system

    Integration of the Monte Carlo simulation for Market risk acc. to RiskMetrics

  • Liquidity Manager
    (Cash Flow at Risk) development

    Evaluation and management of liquidity plans and liquidity risks, based on 2D Monte Carlo simulation, acc. to Long Runs and Corporate Metrics

  • Development of Rule based Rating Tool Box in Clips

    Incl. models for private and corporate rating and balance sheet management; its functionality is now integrated into RFW, RE and PMS modules

  • Development of Rule based Operational Risk Explorer in Clips

    Incl. models for Basel II operational risk basic indicator approach, standard approach, advanced measurement approach, loss data base and self-assessment; its functionality is now integrated into RFW, RE and PMS modules

  • Research Project FP6-2002-SME-1

    Co-operative research project ‘Interoperable Process Management’ in the 1st Call of the 6th Framework Programme of EU; Cooperation between France, Germany, UK, Austria and Bulgaria

  • Development and integration of international CRM system

    Koku and KoLi projects, incl. management of concern customers and concern limits. The system is based on Sun-Solaris 10, Tomcat, Oracle 10g, Java 1.5, Еclipse Maven and manages about 1,5 million customers of 48 national and international distributed banks, using WEB and WEB services (SOAP/WSDL). Currently in use.

  • Risk Framework development

    Flexible, rule and model based simulation and analyses software platform for (finance) industries with over 120 models for ALM, Risk and Rating, Basel II/III, Solvency II, Limit and Compliance system, Monte Carlo Simulation Last version: 4.0/B004 14.04.2015

  • Risk Engine development

    Java based, high performance and high portable evaluation and risk management system for financial instruments and portfolios, incl. Monte Carlo simulation, scenarios, as well as free modeling of exotic instruments by rule based Instrument. Last version: 01.04.2017

  • Java library

    Development and integration of a Java library for analysis of time series using neuronal networks. The library includes Clustering, Non-normal distributions, Multifactor models, Time series prediction, Implied rating, and Time series correction. It can be posted into the cloud.

  • Advanced features for Risk Framework and Risk Engine

    Development of advanced features for both products, incl. integration of Markowitz Optimization, Back Testing, Transactions, QlikView OLAP reporter, WEB interface for Risk Framework, WEB Server installations, parallel calculation and simulation using processor cores, WEB Service interface (SOAP/WSDL), 64-bit versions

  • Solvency II insurance instruments development
  • Regulatory Development

    Basel III Framework: Credit Risk (SA), Liquidity Risk (LCR., NSFR), Market Risk, Operational Risk
    PRIP-KIDs, IFRS9 (Balance Accounting, Hedge Accounting), Solvency II, EMIR, MIFID

  • Development and integration of Swiss Solvency Test (SST) in Risk Engine (RE)